Not Quite at the Halfway Mark

Possession  - J.R. Ward

So I think I'm the one person in Romancelandia who prefers the Fallen Angel series to the BDB series at this point. I adored Crave and Envy, so I went into this with high hopes. But I'm not quite sure they'll be borne out at this point.


Jim has always had an odd, metaphysical connection to Sissy that seems to transcend the events of the here and now. So far a lot of time has been spent on the two of them circling one another, not yet at ease. And I find their "relationship" more than a little discomfiting. But with so much else at play, I can disregard the squick factor they're emitting at this point.


Even the "romance" between Cait and Duke has consisted solely of a lot of staring and one hot coupling on the floor. And it has definitely taken a backseat to the rest of the drama.


I'm still not sure how I feel, but I'm trying to keep an open mind. More to come.