Me Before You - At the halfway point

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes

If you've read the synopsis for the book, you know that Me Before You deals with some heavy subject matter. The fragility of life, our own mortality, what gives us the will to endure indignities both large and small - all of these play a role here.


I'm really enjoying the rollercoaster ride of the book even as it takes me to some dark, extremely uncomfortable places emotionally. Moyes balances this darkness with sharp banter between Lou and Will and provides plenty of laugh out loud moments. If she did not, the low points would be nearly unbearable.


I must comment that the portrayal of attempting an outing with someone who is wheelchair-bound is completely accurate from my experiences. The tiny things that the able-bodied take for granted, like a crack in the sidewalk, can prove to be a major obstacle when negotiating a wheelchair. The anger Lou feels when she watches people stare at Will and murmur behind their hands about his plight is relatable. The reader feels Lou's anger on Will's behalf as they are the victim of well-meaning, though ill-mannered, stares and whispers. It's a familiar feeling for anyone who has traveled with a young disabled companion.


I'm looking forward to spending more time with Lou and Will, Nathan, and even Mr. and Mrs. Traynor. They're all trapped in a seemingly-impossible situation and I'm anxious and not a little nervous to see what the future holds for all of them.